Zero to Six Figures: Transform Your Wedding Photography Business

How I Built My Six Figure Photography Business in Just Two Years

Hi, guys! My name is Ginny and I am an internationally published and award winning wedding photographer. The weird thing? If you would have asked me just a few years ago for an intro, I would have told you a completely different story, as I never even picked up a camera until 2011. With lots of hard work, dedication, and pushing myself to master my craft every day I have been able to go from 0-60 in the wedding industry in just a few short years, and I’m here to help you do the same.

In 2011 I was working as a teacher at a private Montessori school, teaches ages 9-12 in a multi-grade classroom. If you would have told me at that time that within two years I would have done a 180 on my career- headed in a completely new direction, into a field where I had ZERO education and ZERO experience at that time, and would be making a six-figure gross income with next to no advertising budget, I would have thought you were absolutely crazy.

Somehow between 2012-2014 I was able to learn a completely new skill with no formal education, build a brand, and reach the right target market of clients to advance me to creating a high end wedding business. My first year in business I took in $26,000 and within two years I was taking in $140,000+ in gross sales. How was I able to grow that quickly with being completely self taught in my field and having next to no budget for advertising?

My career as a teacher was never something I thought I would leave- I loved it – but once I shot my first wedding and saw what having an emotional backstage pass to some of life’s most heartwarming moments felt like, I couldn’t turn back. Now, I am finding that my education background can play a part in my career as a photographer. I am an open book, and I can share how my path helped to grow my business, things I have learned along the way, and offer a little light in that long, dark, tunnel to your self employment dreams. You are not alone – its a rough road paving your own way and I am here to share every thing I did which lead me to achieve a six figure business in two short years.

Are you ready to join me in working hard to build a career that captures your clients most emotional moments and creates a self-made life that you love living?

In this course we will focus on the business related strategies I used in order to build a six figure business in a short period of time.


Module 1: Equipment + Business Startup

What you need before taking on clients

How to gain experience

Legal business setup

Whats in my camera bag

Sample photos with favorite lenses

Renting gear

Insurance + maintenance

Module 2: Attracting Your Target Client

What is a target client

Why do you need to define a target client

How to reach your target client

Attract + repel

Curating what you show

Using styled shoots to draw in your target client

How pricing effects your target client

How your website effects your target client

Using Social media to reach your target client

Using blogging to reach your target client

Using publications to reach your target client

Creating the content target clients want to see

How to plan a styled shoot

Module 3: Inquiry, Consultation, and Booking

Receiving and inquiry

Streamlining the process

When to say no

Dealing with difficult questions

Steps to holding a consultation

Content of a consultation

Conveying your brand through the consultation

Self doubt

Why you need a contract,where to get one, how to get it signed, what to do after booking

Module 4: Wedding Day Preparation

Keeping in contact with clients

Timeline planning

Advocating for what you need to deliver successful results

How timeline and lighting effects results

Reaching out to other vendors

Wedding day reminders for the couple

Non-camera related items I bring to a wedding

Preparing your second shooter

Scouting the location

Module 5: Post Production

Post production workflow without a staff

My current post production workflow with a staff

Data backup

What to do when a memory card fails


Important things to keep in mind with editing

Time savers with editing

Keeping your clients informed

Delivery of images

How to get free marketing mileage out of a completed wedding

Post-delivery workflow

Module 6: Marketing

Free marketing though social media

Free marketing through your clients

Free marketing through wedding vendors

Styled Shoots as marketing

Free marketing through publications

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Creating and operating a referral circle

Module 7: Business Tools

My favorite free business tools

My favorite paid business tools that are worth the investment

Module 8: The Hard Stuff No One Talks About


Tax forms for your second shooters

Making a Living

Expenses involved in shooting a wedding

A REAL peek into my profit/loss reports

Standing up for yourself

What to do if someone steals your work

What I wish I had known sooner

This E-Course also includes client-ready PDF's, business checklists, resources, and other documents to help make your life easier:

Client-Ready PDF's:

'Wedding Day Timeline Planning' Client Guide

'Where to Print Your Photos' Client Guide

'How to Care for Your USB' Client Guide

'Final Wedding Day Reminders' Client Guide

'Second Shooter Handbook' Second Shooter Guide

Business checklists, resources, and other documents:

Business Start-Up Checklist

Business Start-Up Links + Resources

What's in My Wedding Day Gear Bag

Pricing Yourself Worksheet

Wedding Client Questionnaire

Final Wedding Day Questionnaire

Post Production Checklist

Getting Published Checklist

Where to Submit Work for Publication

Favorite Business Resources Links

Your Instructor

Ginny Silver
Ginny Silver

Ginny Silver is the owner and principal photographer of Retrospect Images (http://retrospectimages.com) and educator for wedding photographers at The Business of Wedding Photography (http://business.retrospectimages.com) . Now an internationally published, award winning photographer, she went from zero photography experience to running a six figure photography business completely from scratch.

Class Curriculum

  Module 1: Equipment + Business Startup
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  Module 2: Attracting Your Target Client
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  Module 3: Inquiry, Consultation, and Booking
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  Module 4: Wedding Day Preparation
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  Module 5: Post Production
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  Module 6: Marketing
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  Module 7: Business Tools
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  Module 8: The Hard Stuff No One Talks About
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  PDF Slides of Each Module
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